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Stencil Art


XOOOOX is a Berlin based artist known for guerrilla-style who works with delicate stenciled works and installations that consist of weathered and decaying materials. In his works, the artist distinctly contrasts the glamour of fashion culture with existentialist themes such as vulnerability and transience. Using transitory media such as exposed building facades, wood, rotting fabric and rusty metal, XOOOOX grounds this apparently glamorous theme in the street, but the artist’s aim is not to deconstruct fashion culture. He pays homage to traditional haute couture while levelling criticism at the over-industrialization of fashion as a cultural artefact of our time.


XOOOOX is, in fact, regarded as the first German street artist that has come to prominence on the international art market. Though the artist’s works can be seen throughout the city and in various galleries as well as museums his identity remains a secret to prevent against charges of public vandalism.


Luxury Problems
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