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Urban Pop Art


Stefan Strumbel is a German artist who lives and works in Offenburg.

He made a name for himself by exaggerating traditional and cult artifacts such as cuckoo clocks, crucifixes, etc. and reincorporating elements of Street Art & Pop Art. He replaces significant elements of traditional artifacts with motives that deal with subjects of violence, pornography and death. By doing so, he puts the objects into a completely new and often provocative context. Besides with their colorful and bright surface, the artworks appear as light and shiny pieces of Pop Art. With his art, Strumbel initiates a change in social values: Traditional ideals and the reality of the individual are dissolved and transformed into an aesthetic that becomes an allegory of social status symbols. He exposes the mechanism of a society that in its desire for status and the pursuit of consumerism surrenders to the constant attraction of the media. With his transformed objects, Strumbel successfully creates an illusionary world, which reflects societies real maladies.


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