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Street Artist Jason Revok from Los Angeles


Graffiti Minimalism

Los Angeles

As a member of the Seventh Letter, famous West coast collective of artists and Mad Society Kings (MSK), Revok became one of the most prominent graffiti writers of the LA urban scene. Celebrated as one of the pioneers of the sub-culture of graffiti and one of the most influential urban artist of his generation, Revok’s distinctive style enabled him to overcome the boundaries of street art, stepping into the world of fine art and gallery spaces, but with the retention of characteristic visual language even when it comes to assemblages. Using materials from his urban surroundings and creating minimalistic spray paint canvasses, Revok gained a distinctive style.


Kundalini (White Black) Loop Paintin
Spirograph Spray-Painting R/B 1
Spirograph Spray-Painting R/B/W 1 (
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