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Street Artist Nychos from Vienna, Los Angeles


Hyper-Loony Graffiti

Vienna - LA - SF

Known for his monumental and technically outstanding works of art, Nychos' work is present in the urban environment (in over 15 countries) as well as in the gallery space. In the course of time he developed a distinctive style, which is characterized by his depictions of the anatomy of human and animal bodies with recurring themes of comics and heavy metal. All in all, the representation of the human being in art is intimately connected with the knowledge of his anatomy. Well-known artists such as DaVinci or Dürer saw intimate familiarity with human anatomy as a prerequisite for their work and thus tried to combine scientific progress with contemporary art. 


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Wilhelmine von Bayreuth
Barbie Meltdown 2
Dissection of Mona Lisa
Translucent Rex
Dark Knights Hunt
Python Head



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