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Tape Art


Max Zorn is a German artist who lives and works in Amsterdam. He has been active in street art at night and urban art since May 2011. The artist used street lamps as an urban gallery and the given darkness as the setting around his urban artworks. Due to that his style is notable for its use of brown packing tape as a medium and cutting on acrylic glass with a scalpel to create portraits that need lighting from behind to be seen. Max Zorn’s settings and themes are influenced by film noir while brown shades and different layers of tape create a sepia tone. Max Zorn also finds inspiration from characters in novels produced by writers from The Lost Generation specifically Hemingway, Steinbeck, and Salinger. His work also is influenced by American realism artists such as Edward Hopper. Max Zorn is the founder and creator of Stick Together, an online project that spreads street art around the world for free. Offline Stick Together creates an annual live painting event held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, open free to the public.


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