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Margravial Opera House
Wilhelmine von Bayreuth Nychos
Mural "Wilhelmine von Bayreuth"
Nychos at work
Case Maclaim - In Memory
Drew Merritt
Matthias Mross
Drew Merritt
Margravial Opera House 2
Margravine Wilhelmine

Art in public spaces


April 2018, Bayreuth

A dialogue between Rococo and Urban Contemporary Art


The Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth is considered the most beautiful Baroque Theatre in Europe, which also drew the attention of composer Richard Wagner to Bayreuth. The aim is to realize art in public space before and during the reopening of the UNESCO World Heritage - the Margravial Opera House - in April 2018. The public space will be redesigned in dialogue with the baroque theater and its initiator, Margravine Wilhelmine. Simultaneously the Baroque & Rococo art periods, which characterize Bayreuth's culture, will be revived in the course of a new interpretation by a 21st century art form - street art.

In the same way Margravine Wilhelmine reshaped the then dull city of Bayreuth with the help of renowned Italian artists, I KNOW A GUY in Cooperation with the high school MWG and the sponsoring association Skulpturenmeile, has set itself the goal of bringing back the highlife and modern culture to the small picturesque town  of  Bayreuth. Therefore internationally  renowned Street Artists  are going to deal with the city's  cultural heritage and celebrate Margravine Wilhelmine's comeback in the streets of Bayreuth.

Media presence: Nordbayerischer Kurier, NBK, TVOberfranken, MH BlogBayreuther SonntagszeitungMontana Cans BlogBrooklyn Street Art,






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Radio Mainwelle Interview - Matthias Mross, Dr. Stefan Mayer, Jessica Matijevic





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