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Beer Motif
Jeff Maisel, Stohead, Me, Micha the
Artbeer #2
Canvas Brewin' Out



May 2019, Berlin

Maisel & Friends brand-new Artbeer Edition

Stohead's first label is called "Brewin' out."  In keeping with the artistic beer project, the Artbeer #2 label adorns the keyword "Brew" in its typical calligraphic graffiti style.  In constant repetition, the word appears in stormy script, which becomes more and more swirling towards the lower end and finally dissolves into blue clarity. The dynamic letters show the strength of the beer at 9.5% vol.  Alk.  The clear, blue end on the label bottom symbolizes that the high alcohol content was very well integrated by the brewing master, because in the end the beer looks very light - a wolf in sheep's clothing and real art of brewing!

In Stohead's hometown we introduced the Artbeer #2 for the first time and chose the Urban Spree as our location. It is one of the hot spots of the Berlin street art scene and was the perfect location for the Artbeer premiere party. In the outdoor area Stohead realized the motif as a mural.  In addition, a print edition with a print run of 50 pieces was released.  Available at Urban Spree.



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