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Artbeer #1 Case Maclaim
Case Maclaim tasting the Artbeer
Power Of Movement
Artbeer #1 Case Maclaim
Artbeer #1 Case Maclaim
Artbeer #1 Case Maclaim



April 2018, Bayreuth

Maisel & Friends brand-new Artbeer Edition

In connection with the She's Back project, we teamed up with the Bayreuth based brewery Maisel's Weisse to bring out a suitable new beer. The limited edition Artbeer #1 - Case Maclaim came out.

On the label is a part of a well-known canvas work by the artist, in which he has of course also incorporated his trademark, the hands. It is the power of movement that motivated Case to do this work. The harmony and expression of the label are powerful and strong! 

You want to know more about the beer and it's special taste – push the button!



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